Gabby’s YouTube Recommendation of the Week

Gabby’s YouTube Recommendation of the Week

Ze Frank is this week’s YouTube recommendation. Ze is an amazing vlogger who is funny, eloquent, and highly intelligent. He is able to talk about the ridiculous happenings of his life and the world, as well as serious topics that speak to the anxious, scared, self-conscious parts in all of us. Ze originally ran a wildly successful webshow for one year in 2006-07 called “The Show with Ze Frank.” He gained a strong following of “sportsracers” (Ze’s name for his fans), who rallied behind him to complete a number of community projects on Ze’s website,

After The Show ended, Ze went on a multi-year hiatus, during which he gave two Ted Talks (viewable here and here), and continued to lead fun community projects online. You may have seen one of his projects, Young Me Now Me, in which people recreate childhood photos of themselves and upload the photos side-by-side. Ze returned to vlogging this year with his wonderfully well-spoken, thought-provoking, and hilarious “A Show with Ze Frank”.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few videos to introduce you. (And yes, he very rarely blinks. Try not to let it distract you!)

If you liked those videos, I recommend watching the rest! There is some occasional minor profanity in a number of the other videos, so make sure to use your discretion.

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