Why Homeland Is Must-Watch Television

Why Homeland Is Must-Watch Television

The most review-worthy fall premiere show is hands-down the second season of Homeland on Showtime. This R-rated show deals with most of the normally avoided dinner table topics: politics, sex and violence. So, if you’re too young to be watching shows with those themes, Homeland is not for you.

Now, if you are interested in foreign policy, especially the U.S. involvement in the Middle East, this is show is perfect for you. For those of you who may be interested in the show, I’ll give you a brief summary. It should get you to watch all of season one within two days. I literally watched the entire first season in a day and a half (I was sick and stuck in front of a TV all day, so I’m not that pathetic, but still it’s addictive).

Basically, a C.I.A. agent named Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), who has closeted bipolar disorder, received information that one of two U.S. war prisoners was turned (became a terrorist who works for Al-Qaeda). Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) was one of the U.S. war prisoners who was found and brought home to Washington, D.C. Carrie is convinced that Brody is working for Al-Qaeda, while the rest of the C.I.A and the nation believe he is a war hero.

Riveting stuff. I give this five stars. It’s a must-watch show.

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