A “Pitch Perfect” Review

A “Pitch Perfect” Review

Pitch Perfect was a funny, charming, and upbeat film with charismatic and dynamic characters. The movie begins with Beca, an incoming freshman at Barden University. She is an outcast, because she isn’t quite sure how fit in. She doesn’t fit the cookie-cutter type of music styling at Barden. Instead, Beca enjoys remixing beats and hopes to be a music producer. The Barden Bellas and the Treble-Makers, two rivaling a cappella groups at Barden University, are both very talented and competitive.

The Treble-Makers, a strictly male a cappella group at Barden, have won the a cappella championships several years in a row, and they expect to win again this year. The Barden Bellas, on the other hand, want to redeem themselves and win the championship. They set out to create a fresh new group of girls, which is where Beca comes along. She loves music, so after a long period pleading from the Barden Bellas, Beca finally decides to join in.

A memorable quote from soft-spoken Lilly.

With Beca joining the Barden Bellas, there is also an introduction of many other enjoyable characters, such as Fat Amy. She was probably the most entertaining character in the movie, known for her hilarious lines and spontaneous humor. Other characters include a soft-spoken girl named Lilly. She has various lines in the movie that are outrageously funny.  Characters like Bumper, the leader of the Treble-Makers, also have extremely interesting personalities.

Along with the engaging dialogue and multi-dimensional characters, the music was also well-written and upbeat. There were a number of mash-up songs that were very well put together. One of the best music scenes in the movie would have to be the Riff-Off, the competition between all the a cappella groups at Barden University. There were many variations of songs, and it was very entertaining.

Overall, the movie was funny, exciting, and energetic. The characters were hilarious, and the music was excellent. This is definitely a movie worth seeing.

Note: thanks to Jess Chinsky for help writing this review.

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