Election 2012: Live Updates

Tonight, Nov. 6, 2012, The U Post staff members Jordan Bray and Naomi Farahan will be giving live updates on Election Day 2012. Follow up for the latest election news.


Romney concedes, and crowds cheer for President Obama.


The Romney camp believes that it is too early to concede (courtesy of CNN).


CBS News projects that President Obama will win Ohio – the state that determines his re-election.


CNN projects that President Obama will be re-elected.


FOX NEWS projects Obama winning Ohio.


CNN projects that Obama will win Iowa


CNN projects:

Wisconsin goes to Obama

North Carolina goes to Mitt Romney


CNN projects:

California, Hawaii, Washington to Obama

Montana and Idaho to Romney


CNN projects Minnesota to go to Obama and Arizona to go to Romney.


Associated Press projects Mike Pence to win the Governors race.


WISH TV reports after 69% of votes cast, that Glenda Ritz is winning over Tony Bennett by 2 points in the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction.


CBS projects Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire to Obama.

Electoral college numbers: Obama-157 Romney-153 as result.


CBS NEWS calls that Democrat Elizabeth Warren won the senate race in Massachusetts.


Fox National news is calling the senate race in Indiana for Democrat Joe Donnelly.


Republicans will remain in control of the House of Representatives (courtesy of CNN).


CNN’s polls project that candidates are tied in Colorado. According to those polls, each candidate has 48% of those votes.


According to CNN, 50% of Indiana votes have been counted. With 48% of those votes, Joe Donnelly is up by 2%.


The Empire State Building uses lights to show CNN’s projected electoral votes. The top of the building displays varying levels of red and blue lights. At the end of the night, the lights will be a single color. If President Obama wins, they will be blue. For Governor Romney, they will be red.


With 49% of the collected votes, Joe Donnelly is ahead by 4% (courtesy of CNN).


According to the Associated Press, Governor Romney has won in both Indiana and South Carolina.


According to The New York Times, President Obama leads in Ohio with 62%.


New Hampshire voters are split 49%/49% on whether or not they find Governor Romney to be “favorable.” In Florida, President Obama leads by 1% (courtesy of CNN).


According to CNN, Joe Donnelly and Richard Mourdock are tied with 47% per candidate. Only 16% of the state’s precincts have reported their votes.


CNN projects that Governor Romney will win South Carolina.


CNN projects that Romney will win West Virginia. Here is a collection of current CNN estimates: Both candidates are tied with 49% of the votes in North Carolina. In both Florida and Ohio, Obama is estimated to have a 4% lead.


Kentucky officially declared for Romney. Vermont officially declared for Obama.


Correction: New Hampshire voting polls are not closed yet (open until 8) but reporting partial results.


New polls closing at 7: Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia. Remember Virginia is a battleground state so be on the watch.


Next polls close in approximately 11 minutes! Get ready for a long night…


Voting closes in Indiana, Kentucky, and New Hampshire. Both Indiana and Kentucky are already looking to lean Republican but New Hampshire is leaning towards the Democrats.

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