An Event to Remember: Invisi-Fall-Fest

An Event to Remember: Invisi-Fall-Fest

I spoke with Invisi-Fall-Fest coordinator Robin MacKellar about the preparations leading up to the event. Robin said that the people involved have been planning since the start of the year. We both thought the dance floor was empty in the beginning, but later on in the night people came onto the dance floor to have a fun time. I asked Robin what she would have added, and she recommended a second hayride. I have to agree with her – people were waiting in line for a while. She says they were close to their attendance goal.

The haunted house had plenty of scary points. One person screamed in the darkened gym: “They’re coming to get you!” The hayride was fun, especially when people came running out of the cornfield to scare us. The cold couldn’t even dampen our fun. When the music first started, people didn’t come out onto the dance floor because they were at the haunted house or on the hayride. Later on, everyone made their way onto the dance floor as everything else winded down. Pizza, treats, and other foodwere available near the dance floor. I think Invisi-Fall-Fest was a success, reaching close to the goal of 80 attendees.

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