A UHS Mascot: To Be or Not To Be?

A UHS Mascot: To Be or Not To Be?

Mascots are physical representations of school pride. University may be spirited, but we lack this symbol of hope and enthusiasm. Larger schools – like Carmel and Park Tudor – use the characteristics of animals to portray a vision of their school. Animals like panthers and wildcats represent a winning spirit and the hope to win.

The question is: is a mascot necessary to show school pride? Do community members here think that “The U” is enough to rile us up? According to Mr. Priest, we don’t need a mascot. Mr. Bradley agrees – he says that if you’re not careful, mascots can be too cheesy. He adds that we should focus on the work that Alex Carson does rather than the possibility of some wildcat.

But we asked people what they imagine for a University High School mascot. Señora Seldner recommended a pioneer or a farmer. Like UHS students and teachers, pioneers start communities and build certain aspects to represent their values. At University, we certainly have strong core values to represent.

Isaac Mervis had a bevvy of recommendations for the possibility of a mascot. In his mind, we could have a, “Dragon, or anything that breathes fire, a crab, Jake Tanner, the last resort would be a serpent.” Heads up, ladies and gentlemen. Loch Ness Jake could be running through the stands at basketball games. Maddie and Cyan Cosby  recommended a shirtless Channing Tatum, saying “He brings the heat that blazes the trails.” From hedgehogs on fire to Pilgrims and Indians, there was no lack of ideas.

On one hand, a mascot would be an addition that makes us more similar to bigger, older schools. But University isn’t a school that follows in others’ footsteps. We blaze our own trails and strive to be different. So is there a real need for a mascot here? Without football, do we need to have a sweaty, suffering person inside a hot furry suit? We are a spirited community, and under the strong leadership of Alex Carson, we have grown in our spirit greatly. So is a mascot the next step?

Mascots were first used as good luck charms. Though they are at times cheesy, they represent unity, spirit, and school pride. Anyone associated with University High School can see that we have and value these concepts. Each student and faculty member is filled with the spirit that a mascot is meant to create. It is hard to say whether or not a mascot is in our future. For now, the students of University are the mascots.

By Naomi Farahan and Maddie Hoover

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