Stewardship Update

Stewardship Update

Update from Morgan Wood, Class of 2013.

Stewardship Council truly benefits University High School. It is one of the prominent resources for students in that they are able to make significant contributions to the school. For instance, just this year, Stewardship Council implemented a brand new vending machine full of healthier choices. This was a direct result from the high demand of the students’ desires. So far, the vending machine has been a great success, and I’ve personally received a lot of good feedback. I’ve bought some items myself, and they are a great way to fuel my brain whenever I don’t bring enough lunch.

Stewardship does more than manage the vending machines and microwaves. We also try to be proponents of exemplifying and promoting the practice of the core values. We are in the process of establishing an effective way to do so once a month and are even going to honor certain students if they display qualities that are evident in any of the six core values. All of the representatives are looking forward to beginning this work together.

I ran for Stewardship Council my freshman year because I knew that I wanted to make the school even better so it could reach its full potential. My fellow reps have the same thing in mind. This year’s Stewardship Council is hard at work improving University High School, one vending machine at a time.

Watch Stewardship’s Song and Dance Routine:

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