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11/6/12Varsity Girls BasketballPark Tudor 38 University 20Emily Johns 5 Points
11/9/12Varsity Girls BasketballClinton Central 39 University 37Emily Johns 14 Points, 14 Rebounds
11/13/12Varsity Girls BasketballCardinal Ritter 59 University 22Sharla Steiman 8 Points
11/16/12Varsity Girls BasketballClinton Prarie 44 University 19Sharla Steiman 9 Points
11/20/12Varsity Girls BasketballBrebeuf 72 University 22Emily Johns 7 Points
11/21/12Varsity Boys BasketballPark Tudor 79 University 44Sam Forkin and Kevin Bates 11 Points
11/24/12Varsity Boys BasketballLutheran 57 University 50Dominic Dixon 20 Points

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