Athlete of the Week: Kevin Bates

Athlete of the Week: Kevin Bates

Kevin Bates graced University with his presence last year when he transferred from Carmel High School.  He made immediate contributions to the varsity basketball and cross country teams.  His hustle and determination was a key part of the basketball team’s success in the sectional championship win last year.

This year, Kevin has added varsity soccer to his repertoire, bringing his tenacious defense to the already talented team.  Kevin is known to many as “Batesy Boy” and “KBizzleFresh,” but on the court he is known as an athletic specimen with a will to win that is unmatched by any other.

How long have you been playing basketball?

I have been playing basketball since the first grade.

 What got you started playing?

My friends and I started a team and started playing together.

What has been your best memory from University basketball?

My favorite memory from University has to be winning the sectional last year at University against Fall Creek.

What other sports/activities are you associated with at University?

I have run cross country, played soccer, basketball, and also golf at University.

Who is your favorite professional athlete and/or team?

My favorite professional athlete is Tyler Hansbrough, the power forward and center for my favorite team, the Indiana Pacers.

Favorite Subject?

My favorite subject is government.

Favorite Pump-Up Song?

My favorite pump-up song is “Work Hard, Play Hard” by the one and only Wizard Khalifa.


I have four siblings: an older brother, an older sister, a younger brother, and a younger sister.  I love them all dearly.

Future plans? College etc.

I plan to attend Indiana University or the University of Louisville.

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