University in Wonderland

University in Wonderland

Once again, the University High School Stageblazers have shown their ability to interpret a well-known and well-loved story into a hilarious, fun-filled work of art. The collaboration between the students and artistic director Ty Stover made the incredibly well-written production a unique experience.

The story that the cast portrayed highlighted some of the best scenes and characters from the book and the beloved Disney movie – the incredibly well done shift in Alice’s height as she eats and drinks different potions, the unique tea scene with the Mad Hatter, and the garden scene with the rude flowers. On the night I attended, children squealed in delight and shouted out the names of the characters that they recognized, like the Cheshire Cat and the Dodo Bird. The scenes that were purely created by the cast gave The Alice Adventures a unique spark—the classroom setting in the beginning and end of the book gave the many students in the crowd something to relate to, and the appearance of English-teacher-turned-actor Dr. Kip Robisch was a delightful surprise for the University students.

The professional acting of the cast members was probably the highlight of the show. The way they all embodied the individual spirits and quirks of their characters made the show come alive – from Lauren Marks-Strauss’s sassy and incredibly flexible Cheshire Cat, to Rachel Ornstein’s pompous and hyperbolic Red Queen, and, of course, the endlessly curious personality of Alice played by Katreen Boustani.

Bravo to the entire cast for their incredible performances! We all can’t wait to see the musical!

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