Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you enjoyed J-Term. As we start our second semester, I want to talk about some new and exciting things happening with The U Post.

We’re working on implementing a semi-regular schedule that will include a variety of new contributors to the site. Our new staff writer, junior Drake Jellison, will have his own regular column, and we’ll also have pieces written by teachers, starting with Mr. Thurman.

We’re especially excited to announce the addition of multimedia to the site. A group of students – Abby Troughton, Brage Malsnes, and L.J. – have gathered to create a webcast called “The U.” They will lead group discussions on relevant topics. Junior Gabby Krieble will post video logs, and we’ll have videos highlighting students and their talents.

If you are interested in posting something on the site, please contact me! We will always be looking for new material. If you are specifically interesting in submitting art, please talk to sophomore Amelia Eskenazi.

Thank you so much for reading. Please check back regularly! Follow us on Twitter (@theupost) and like us on Facebook (The U Post) for more information on our stories. Enjoy your first day back!

The U

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