Jellison Journalism

Jellison Journalism

Greetings, reader! I am Drake Jellison, and this is my corner of The U Post. Here I’ll be discussing anything from the outstanding achievements of UHS seniors and faculty to simply mulling over amusing concepts, such as “What if University High School was in Gary, Indiana?” and explaining the images that come to mind. However, before we get started and I write my first article, there are some guidelines to my writing that I need to address and explain.

Firstly, I’m a very sarcastic person with humor that has been described as dry. This will probably show through in my writing. Secondly, I try not to keep a political or social bias over anything in my writing, but I lean almost invisibly to the right on some issues, while on others I lean somewhat to the left. Don’t expect a lot of political consistency from me, if we somehow end up writing about that. Thirdly, I will only say what I have done research of various levels on—I am not a yellow journalist. If you feel that I am doing an inadequate job, please notify me with any suggestions you have, and I will do anything from taking your suggestion (based on what it is) to heart and using it to improve my writing overall, or perhaps I’ll use it as a projectile for my Drake-a-pult.

Mission control, the eagle has landed, repeat, the eagle has landed. Aaand… Bam. We hit the ground. Now, because this is an introductory article, I won’t be doing an actual piece yet.

But when I do, it might be about jellyfish that never die, just a heads up. Immortal jellyfish are fantastic.

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