Carrington Reviews Two Box Office Hits

Carrington Reviews Two Box Office Hits

The Hobbit

On its own, this movie is not a good movie. It felt as if the entire movie was leading up to…nothing. I personally didn’t know that it was going to be a part of a saga. I felt that if I had known, I would have had more appropriate expectations towards this movie and would have had a better time watching it. But holding up to the rest of The Lord of the Rings movies, it still had the same amazing setting, actors, and graphics.

Les Miserables

This movie is a must-see. The music in this movie was very raw and beautiful. The characters were developed, even though there were a lot of them to cover. It was an overall good plot and scene, but oddly it still had the feeling of a play. The sets and outfits were believable and fitting for the time period. Even though the movie was dramatic and mostly somber, there was still some comedy to spice it up. The movie and soundtrack were both pure gold.

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