Cupcakes: An American (Mackenzie and Madeline) Favorite

Cupcakes: An American (Mackenzie and Madeline) Favorite

Cupcakes. Who are they, how do we find them, and what do they mean to the human race?  First and foremost, we (Madeline and Mackenzie) want to make it known that cupcakes aren’t people, and they therefore cannot be referred to as “who.” Relatively easy to find, cupcakes can be purchased in many stores, including Marsh, Target, and Whole Foods. They give happiness to the human race. According to Madeline Hoover, they are “spasms of joy…in your mouth.”

Recently, there has been growth in cupcake demand in suburban America, warranting specialty cupcake shops.  This is where Confectioneiress comes in. Located in a somewhat secluded strip mall in Zionsville, it is one of the premier cupcakeries in the city. It offers dozens of cupcakes of varying flavors including Mint Cookies and Cream and Malted Vanilla Caramel, which Maddie and I had the absolute fortune of tasting.  Here at M&M Reviews © Copyrighted, we judge cupcakes based on five requirements: Aesthetics/Visual Appeal, Flavor, Moistness, Sweetness, and an overall rating. Now here we go.

Cookie Dough IcingRight as we walked into the store, we saw a glass case filled with TWHEET  little mini shot-glasses of the icing they use for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcakes, which has the consistency of cookie dough and was really tasty. SO we tried it, it was delicious, and the $3 price made it even sweeter.

Mint Cookies and Cream: A delicious blend of minty icing on a dark chocolate cupcake.

Aesthetics/Visual Appeal: 7/10 While it was okay looking, the cupcake really was not that special. It was just your average cupcake.

Flavor: 9/10 The flavor sure was great, especially if you like cookies and cream and mint. The icing was lovely, and it had just the right amount of mint – not too overpowering, but very prominent. We would recommend this cupcake if you’re craving something sweet and forgot to brush your teeth.

Moistness: 8/10 Really very moist, was quite good.

Sweetness: 8/10 Was very sweet, but not too sweet!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Malted Caramel VanillaMalted Vanilla Caramel: This cupake was SO GOSHDARN GOOD that I peed myself a lil’. It was a cupcake of surprising passion with a vanilla shell and exploding caramel core flavor blast.

Aesthetics/Visual Appeal: 7.5/10 The cupcake lacked a certain pizzaz expected here at M&M Reviews ©. The cupcake was about 52.3% icing, and was decoratively drizzled with caramel. I guess it was decent looking.

Flavor: 9/10 It was the best of the three THWEET treats. The explosion of caramel in the middle was a nice surprise, and it was well complemented by the creamy icing.

Moistness: 9/10 It was extremely moist and satisfying.

Sweetness: 9.5/10 It was sweet enough for even the most sugar-addicted.

Overall Rating: 9/10 It was a delicious treat that was highly enjoyed by all.

P.S. the woman at the store keeps staring at you, but do not be afraid. She was friendly enough (but overeager to sell by a considerable margin).

We would highly recommend Confectioneiress to a friend!

By Madeline Hoover and Mackenzie Waugh


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