Jellison Journalism: The Magic Pill

Jellison Journalism: The Magic Pill

I recently read an article or two regarding scientific progress, among other things such as international politics. However, I figured I should not immediately inject politics into my column, because that isn’t the only topic I’ll be writing about, and I didn’t want to give that impression. After sifting through a few new and old topics, and debating whether I should spread knowledge about the immortal jellyfish (because it is cool and easy to write about), I came across a great subject to discuss—a cancer breakthrough. It is in the form of a pill that targets skin cancer and promises progress with other forms of cancer as well. The article is linked below. If you haven’t already, click it and take a read.

It seems like every year, we get a little bit closer to eradicating cancer as a dangerous disease. With everything that goes on, and with cancer’s track record, many of us (myself included) seem to see cancer as an indomitable factor that we cannot do away with. Given, these are also the days when I get two hours of sleep, have four tests and three homework assignments I need help with, but my point still stands. It is best kept in mind that nothing is constant, least of all this disease, and articles like this one help to reinforce that.

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