A Review Of Girls

A Review Of Girls

Girls on HBO is probably one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s in season two, and things are definitely getting more interesting in the characters’ lives. If you’ve never heard of the show, essentially it focuses on a group of four young women living in New York City. They are in that “fresh out of college, what am I going to do with my life” kind of mentality, which makes for some extremely entertaining television.

The show is written and directed by Lena Dunham, a 26-year-old talent. She also stars in the show as a main character. Lena Dunham is literally a genius, and Girls is just one of those shows you can’t stop watching. It’s on HBO, so the content is kind of raunchy, but if you are of age, I totally recommend you watch it. It’s a show that people, young people especially, can really relate to.

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