Following AP Art: Morgan Wood

Following AP Art: Morgan Wood

University’s student body is an exceptionally creative bunch. This is clearly visible in the spectacular art pieces displayed around the school, as well as the astounding number of awards and ribbons awarded to UHS students for their work. With this new series on The U Post, we hope to further display the wealth of talent hiding in our advanced placement art classes. We plan to focus on different students throughout the semester as they work to complete their AP portfolios, cranking out truly impressive works of art.

This week, the spotlight lands on senior Morgan Wood. For her AP Drawing class, she’s recently created four pieces focusing on the intricacies of the skeletal system. As a senior anxiously awaiting college acceptances, navigating a heavy courseload, and just generally being the well-rounded, friendly Morgan we all know and love, she mentioned that her drawing is proving to be a relaxing exercise. Morgan was kind enough to share four of her beautiful drawings with us.

morganspine morganpelvis morganleg

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