A Little Bit About Your Stewardship Representatives

A Little Bit About Your Stewardship Representatives

The following is a Stewardship update from  sophomore Lizzie Berry. 

Many people ask the question: what does Stewardship actually do? The main run-down of the representative position is to be leader of the class one represents and to demonstrate the core values of our school. But Stewardship does more than that. We are a group of students set on helping the University High School community. We are here for you especially when there are concerns about what we could do to make the high school experience better for you and your classmates. The council is more than happy to take suggestions, comments, or concerns from the student body.

Stewardship’s most recent accomplishments have been getting the new vending machines in Andrews Hall, setting up and running the Winter Formal Dance (with the help of some lovely school moms), and setting up the board in the World Languages Hallway so you’ll know who is actually representing you in your class. And a lot of other things are in the works.

Stewardship is currently working on Prom. We have a say in some parts of Prom (such as the food), and we help out with the set up. We also represent the student body in the PA (Parent Association) meeting about the budget for Prom. This affects ticket prices, decorations, photo ops, and other things that Prom needs based upon the budget sum we receive from the PA. Here we take on the role of speaking on the student body’s behalf and doing the most we can to make your Prom experience more fun and affordable.

Also, Stewardship is working on the new “Value of U” board in the World Languages hallway. The purpose of the board is to show how dedicated, smart, genuine, and unique the students at University High School are. One side will be used for the students who were nominated because they represent the core values of our school, while the other side is for students who do extracurricular activities and don’t necessarily get the recognition they deserve.

The council is working on creating a new online book system of buying and selling books, without ridiculous fees added, in order to put more money back into your pocket. We’re thinking about either a website or a Google document for the set up. Here students could tell Stewardship the book that they want to sell, and then the council would put it up for others to see, no fee.

Stewardship’s goal is to be true representatives of the school, and we have talked about other responsibilities that we would like to take on. These include being a support group for other clubs and people, being involved in planning and setting up Community Days, and adding school activities to the agenda. Overall, our goal is to help the students have an amazing school experience, adding to the qualities that make University great.

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