Dancing For a Cause

Dancing For a Cause

The following is a guest post from Kit Clark. 

University hosted its second annual Dance Marathon this Saturday in support of Riley Hospital for Children. Dance Marathons are hosted by high schools and colleges alike across the state of Indiana to support Riley and their policy to turn no child away. Dance Marathon centers around learning a line dance throughout the marathon, as well as listening to Riley families that come and share their stories about their experience. This past Saturday, over 60 University students and parents gathered in Andrews Hall to lace up their dancing shoes and stand in support of Riley Hospital. Our annual marathon is six hours long, and all participants must remain standing the whole marathon to “stand for kids who can’t.” Raising $7,841.86, the UHS marathon was a huge success!

The tradition started in honor of Sarah Michelle Cohen. University’s Dance Marathon is largely owed to her inspiration, and to the dedication of Barb Cohen, Sarah’s mom, and Jeannie Sager. Sarah was a student at University and lost her battle to cancer a few years ago, but not before leaving a legacy of love and perseverance that remains at University today. It was Sarah’s dream to have a Dance Marathon at University, and we are humbled to be making that dream come true.

Committee Members Having a Blast We frequently throw around the phrase “FTK” in the Dance Marathon community. Short for “For The Kids,” FTK is a little reminder that Dance Marathons, and everything that they do and accomplish, are really for the kids. Unique to University, we also use Sarah’s initials “SMC” as a reminder of who we’re dancing for.

On behalf of the entire Dance Marathon committee, I would like to thank all who gave their time and money to help make this year’s marathon such a success. An especially big thank you to Barb Cohen, Chelsea Backus, Jeannie Sager, Bailey Priest, Josh Etchberger and Paddy Sanders for all the time and love they put into this marathon! It was a truly moving experience to stand with my peers in support of Sarah and the Riley community.


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