Athlete of the Week: Rachel Mullendore

Athlete of the Week: Rachel Mullendore

Rachel Mullendore plays a pivotal part of the University High School softball team. She is the starting pitcher as well as a senior leader for a team that is on its way to a promising year. Rachel was able to answer a few questions that I know you’ll be excited to hear. Here are the results:

How long have you been playing softball?
This is my fourteenth year playing Softball.

What got you started playing?
I became interested in the sport by watching my older sister play.

What has been your best memory from University softball?
My best memory from UHS softball will be seeing how the girls develop into a team over the course of the season. We always start out as a group of girls with a wide variety of experience, inside and outside of softball. We work together in order to play as a team, making strong friendships along the way.

Who is your favorite professional athlete and/or team?
I don’t really have a favorite team or player because I love so many sports, from hockey to bowling to football.  I just have a love for athletics, so it’s hard to pick favorites.

What other sports/activities are you associated with at University?
I played volleyball, and I was a cheerleader for the first time this year. That’s one of the reasons I love UHS. I’m able to try new things and not worry about being ‘good enough.’

What is your favorite color?
My favorite colors are purple and turquoise.

Favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Big Fish.

Favorite pump-up song?
Right now my new favorite pump up song is “I Love It” by Icona Pop.

Favorite animal?
I love all animals, are you kidding?  There is no way I could pick just one!

Future plans? College, etc.
I’m attending Indiana University with a dual major in political science and either economics or psychology, I haven’t decided yet.

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