Trying to make you think. Trying too hard.

Trying to make you think. Trying too hard.

Just think about this for a second. How many breaths do you take in every minute?

No, stop that. Measuring while you’re reading is cheating.

No, I mean it. Stop. If you don’t, I’ll…

Um… I…


I digress, you probably didn’t know off the top of your head, nor do you remember each breath of that minute. It isn’t a conscious action to you, is it? Before you point fingers, the same applies to me. As cool as that would be, I’m not an alien that has brain space for that. Also, if you did happen to know off the top of your head, I have questions about lottery numbers for you.

The same unaware action occurs with walking. How many muscles do you think are at work with each step you take? The answer to that question is two hundred, if I’m not mistaken, and we don’t even think about using any of them unless our nerves are whining to our brain about some unimportant flesh wound. If you didn’t know that, you learned something new today. Huzzah! Now you can say that you learned something and receive the ever-important gold star.

I think this whole ‘not knowing every little thing your body does’ is deliberate. I like to tell myself that this is because mother nature knew that if we did pay attention to it, it would be like a giant, ster0id-injected, silly game of QWOP that would occupy all of our time and affect all that we did. In a more serious tone, this is because of a little autopilot mechanism man carries around in his subconscious that also happens allows us to form routines. I’m not a neurologist, forgive me if I’m mistaken on this, I will correct as such if you raise concerns.

It is because of this mechanism that we don’t have to think about every action before we do it in a pre-planned day. While this would be probably smart of us to do, it would take ten hours and a lot of probability math, which I am a depressing train wreck at.

We form routine by doing things over and over and over and over again until we no longer have to think to do them. Autopilot: On. You could say that breathing and walking are both routines, to avoid mentioning the other things we do unthinkingly such as reading and writing.

Did I get you to think any?

…No? Really? Well, I tried. I can say that, at least. It’ll be a good epitaph. “Tried to get anonymous U-Post reader to take mind off twitter. A for effort.”

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