Seniors Close Out Theatre Career with YAGMCB

Seniors Close Out Theatre Career with YAGMCB

This week, we’ll have a collection of pieces from the Yearbook class. Everything – from the ideas, to the writing, to the pictures, was supplied by the staff. This was written by Tara Brugh. 

For eight seniors, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (YAGMCB) was the last production they had the opportunity to be a part of at University High School. Although some will continue on the theatre/acting path, it is the end for others, at least as far as acting is concerned.

“Though I don’t plan on continuing to act, I do plan to continue playing violin. Maybe I’ll wind up in a pit orchestra some time!” said Clay Langley who portrayed PigPen in YAGMCB.

However, others hope to continue with acting. Hannah Denson, who played Charlie Brown, plans to go to Mount Mary Manhattan College in New York City to pursue a BFA in acting, and Rachel Ornstein, who played Snoopy, plans to attend Oklahoma City University to pursue musical theatre.

It was a bittersweet goodbye for both the seniors and other members of YAGMCB as the show wrapped up on the afternoon of Sunday, April 28. “The seniors allowed each and every one of us to grow in our passion for theatre. They were not just vital roles in the musical, but a huge part of our cast and crew. They provided support for learning lines and choreography, but beyond that, they were our friends. Knowing that it was their last show on Sunday was really sad. Their talent and company will be missed in future productions,” said sophomore Amelia Eskenazi, who played Sophie in the musical.

Photo Credit: Eric Sampson, UHS Parent

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