Smash Bros. at UHS

Smash Bros. at UHS

This week, we’ll have a collection of pieces from the Yearbook class. Everything — from the ideas, to the writing, to the pictures — was supplied by the staff. This was written by Kevin Bonar. 

Over the last few months, two Super Smash Bros. tournaments have come to University High School. Co-creators of the tournament, Avery Walker and Stephen Flickner, decided to make the tournament because, as Avery said, “lots of people play Smash Bros., so why not make it official?” As both are juniors, the tournaments are expected to continue into next year as long as they are popular. Spectators are also drawn to the tournament, and a crowd can be seen watching and cheering. Finally, the tournament has helped boost the business of the Drink Shop at lunch, with many of the games happening right next to the it.

The first tournament, featuring the newest game, Brawl, just concluded. After attracting a healthy amount of participants and many spectators, William Feng managed to grab the crown! Currently, Alex Carson is in the process of finishing a documentary on the tournament, and will release it as soon as it is complete. More recently, a second tournament has started, based on Melee, an older Smash Bros. game. This tournament consists of a remarkable thirty-eight players, so much that play-in games had to be added to the bracket. While currently on hold, it is set to surpass its predecessor as an entertaining University event. Thank you, Stephen and Avery!

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