Iamsrryplzforgive– OH, and SUMMER.

Iamsrryplzforgive– OH, and SUMMER.

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for this enormous, ridiculous, glaring gap in between my posts that just happened. Life has been hard and the struggle bus actually ran out of gasoline while I was on board and we got stuck in downtown chicago at 3AM and it was bad, okay? I’ll avoid that line next time I need to get to doing my post.

Summer break is in anywhere from two to four days from now for us, depending on how many classes we took or how fantastic* those classes are. For some of us that means graduation and leaving, and only returning for movie night with coke and doritos, and for the rest of us that means we have another round of year(s) ahead of us with all the work, stress and head-to-desk tests that entails.


Because that also means that we get a special season where we have the privilege of viewing a rarely seen mythical creature in it’s natural habitat.

The Sun.

It means you get to sleep in until five o’clock PM(what were you doing last night?!), go out with your friend who happens to have two tickets to that thing you like to that thing you like, and you finally get to use your dusty air conditioner that has been neglected and depressed since that drag of a winter/cloudy span of weeks we just had.

So yeah, keep that in mind. But some advice: put it out of your mind when you’re doing your chem final, it will distract you and then you suddenly have six minutes left and ninety percent of the test is not done and you gotta go fast and that’s never a pleasant experience.

Reflecting back on my posts, I’ve realized that I didn’t really do a good job of making actual journalism, and yet my column is called Jellison Journalism. I didn’t really do a very good job of making fun of North Korea (I never got around to that, so sorry), I just typed whatever was on my mind and tried to make it humorous for you.

I am okay with this.

I feel like I’ve contributed by giving a light-hearted feeling to part of the site. Not that we were talking about dark things or giving a dark feeling to begin with, but it never hurts to have a bit more mirth than before. Unless you were already having one of those fits after you’ve seen a kitten video where you’re literally choking(as opposed to figuratively choking) and cannot breathe and might suffocate if you laugh more which would be baaaad.

But what I feel is irrelevant entirely. I’m the writer. Of course I’m going to look at my contributions favorably. What matters is how you feel about them. You’re the reader, after all, and I want to make next year’s additions to Jellison Journalism better than this year’s(assuming I can actually manage to keep posting between homework and my stupid, useless human brain. Seriously, why didn’t we just evolve something more efficient?)

I believe this is the part where I’d post a poll if I had any computer competence whatsoever. If possible, could you send me some honest feedback via email?

Thank you all for bearing with me and supporting The U Post. It’s been a pleasure writing for you and I hope to do it again next year.

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