Welcome to The U Post

Welcome to The U Post

Welcome back to The U Post! It’s going to be a great year. We have so many ideas, ranging from Seth Meyers-like videos featuring senior Abby Troughton, to regular pieces covering local news.

For new students, The U Post is University’s student publication. We started last October, so we’re still new. Like most things at University, the site is not like most school newspapers. We feature student photography, poetry, and personal pieces about University students. Non-staff members contribute regularly, ensuring that we remain a voice for the entire community.

This year, our goal is to post some form of multimedia on a weekly basis. We might take an inside look at Super Smash Bros. tournaments (reality TV edition), cover basketball games, or hold discussion tables with students from each grade.

To younger students: please join! Almost all of last year’s staff are juniors and seniors. We need to make sure that The U Post covers multiple perspectives. No matter your grade (but especially ninth and tenth graders), we want to make sure your voice is represented.

If you have any suggestions/questions, email theupost@universityhighschool.org. You can talk to me (Naomi Farahan) if you have questions about joining. Make sure to follow us on twitter @theupost, and like us on Facebook!

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