Athlete of the Week: Brian Pulawski

Athlete of the Week: Brian Pulawski

Brian Pulawski is in his third year of varsity tennis at University. Brian is a part of the #1 doubles during the team’s matches. He has been a great leader of the team and has performed very well in these beginning matches. Aside from tennis, Brian is also the leader of everyone’s favorite Drink Shop, and the head of the LARP Club. He is a very active voice in our school’s Stewardship committee and is the student leader of the Pep Band!

1. How long have you been playing tennis?
I have been playing tennis for six long, hard years, improving my skill exponentially with each year.

2. What got you to start playing?
In the winter of my 11th year on this plane of existence, I had a vision, in which the world was being torn apart by all manner of foul creatures. Horrified I looked on, only to be greeted by Odin, Lord of Asgard. Odin told me that Ragnarok, the final battle to decide the fate of the earth and heavens, would soon be upon us, and that the mortal realm, lacked champions to defend it. I, terrified at the thought of losing the world that I held so dear, asked Odin “is there anything that I can do to stop this destruction?” Odin replied and told me that there once existed a mighty warrior god, who could easily dispatch his foes in a manner similar to the game of tennis, wielding a golden racquet and balls of fire. He went to claim that once every ten-thousand moons that god would be reincarnated in the body of a mortal, and should that mortal master the game of tennis, he would then be able to unlock his true godlike powers. I then awoke from my dream, realizing that it was I who the prophecy spoke of, and thus I started to play tennis.

3. What is your favorite UHS tennis memory?
My favorite tennis memory would have to be the formation of the legendary doubles team, known as Team Bric. Eric Metzman and I are both god-like tennis players, and it was of surprise to no one that after our earth-shattering, incredibly close challenge match that left the courts irradiated, a partnership merging our powers was created.

4. Who is your favorite tennis player?
My favorite tennis player would have to be the Canadian star, Eugenie Bouchard, of whom I had the honor of seeing this summer at Cincinnati Open tournament.

5. Do you have a pre-game ritual?
My pre-game ritual mostly consists of going through some routines from my famous “Dynamic Warmup.” These exercises range from power lunges to stepping backwards over an imaginary fence. They help to get my body and mind in check before I sweep the competition. Additionally I will say a few prayers to my boy Odin, who I know is watching over me, and pump up the team.

6. Favorite chemical element?
My favorite chemical element, would have to be Astatine (At), which is one of the most radioactive elements in existence, with its most stable isotope boasting a half life of just over 8 hours.

7. Favorite movie?
Oh man this is a tough one, I’d say it’s a three-way tie, between “Birddemic”, “The Room” by Tommy Wiseau, and “Sharknado.” All of these films boast stunning special effects and glorious acting by the cast.

8. Favorite drink?
When I’m parched after a tennis match or just thirsty on a hot summers day, I’m always refreshed by a cool, sweet Arnold Palmer from Drink Shop. While you can get Arnold Palmer at other locations, the convenient price of fifty cents, and the friendly service at drink shop, makes the beverage taste so much sweeter and improves the drinking process as a whole.

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