The Fourth Estate

The Fourth Estate

By Zach Johns

Fourth Estate was one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. It’s a leadership summit held in Los Angeles, California on the campus of UCLA. In short, it’s a conference that is all about how to make a difference in the world, and how to make a difference in our own lives. Global Citizens Club members Mrs. Krieble, Zach Johns, Robin MacKellar, Naomi Farahan, Lizzie Berry, Emma Troughton, Amelia Eskenazi, and Jada Franklin all attended the Summit.

Main sessions were when all 1,500 of us World Changers came together in Royce Hall and we would have 2-3 hour sessions with various speakers including Dan Pallotta and iO Tillett Wright who talked about their experiences of changing the world and their experiences with life. We also learned a lot more about Invisible Children, their new campaigns that will be launching soon, and how we can all can help defect people from the LRA, and help bring Joseph Kony to justice after 27+ years of violent crimes against humanity.

There were also various Breakout Sessions that took place during the summit, but some of the ones that impacted us the most are “Is Religion Destroying the World??” and “The Sexiest Business Around.” There were panels of world leaders that talked about the subjects of the sessions, and they were professionals in that topic.

Overall, it was easily the best experiences of our lives, and it really helped us understand more about Invisible Children, the LRA, and how to change the world through being a Global Citizen.

Although Global Citizens/Invisible Children Club didn’t have many events last year, we’re coming back with an amazing sense of motivation and new ideas of fundraising. It’s going to be an amazing year, so get ready.

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