The Norway Way

The Norway Way

Many of you guys probably do not know who I am. I am Garbage Girl on the soccer field, The Norwegian One on Twitter and Mokdah among my friends, but my actual name is Marthe. I am a foreign exchange student from Norway, and yes, I do know both Henrik and Brage. However, this year you are stuck with me. But how did I end up here?

A long time ago I decided to go on an exchange program, meaning I would study abroad for 10 months. I left the town I grew up in, my lovable family and my closest friends to come here. But why? Sometimes I will just say that I came here to eat peanut butter, but I am really here to make unforgettable memories with my American friends and host family (hopefully while eating peanut butter).

Throughout this school year, you will probably hear me laugh hysterically in the hallway, swear on the soccer field or talk about things “we do not have in Norway” in Mrs. Adams’ chemistry class. Either way, I will stick around for quite some time, trying to teach people how to do things “The Norway Way”.


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