Athlete of the Week: Taylor Rodgers

Athlete of the Week: Taylor Rodgers

Taylor Rodgers is a four-year varsity volleyball player here at University. She leads the team in points and assists. Aside from volleyball, she is also a member of the Community Service Club, the youth board chair of Youth as Resources with the United Way, and a part of the Spirit Run committee. Taylor is also the proud driver of a Black Chrysler Sebring.

1. How long have you been playing volleyball?
I’ve been playing volleyball since 7th grade.

2. What got you to start playing volleyball?
I enjoy playing sports and went to a few volleyball camps the summer before, so I was interested in playing.

3. Favorite Volleyball Memory
My sophomore year I was moved down to the junior varsity team for a few games. When we played the deaf school, it was my first game back playing with my varsity girls. Everyone had a great game and we won against a big rival. Then, I got to go to a Katy Perry concert afterwards so it was a really good night.

4. Favorite song by Rihanna?
I love all Rihanna songs, but I’d have to say Stay is my favorite right now.

5. Favorite Movie?
The Hunger Games

6. Favorite Subject?

7. Favorite Restaurant?
Starbucks.I’m really close to getting a gold card.

8. Favorite Athlete?
Ellie Klemsz

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