Noah’s Nifty Top Fifteen

Noah’s Nifty Top Fifteen

Pictured: Noah Matthews, music aficionado, sits by the piano admiring the flow and beauty emulating from the ivory keys.

Hey, I’m Noah Mathews.  This article is the first edition of my bi-weekly musical selections, Noah’s Nifty Top Fifteen. In this article, I will give a list of fifteen of my favorite songs every two weeks.  Here is the first edition of my musical masterpiece.  Enjoy!

Oldies But Goodies

1. “This Head I Hold”- Electric Guest

2. “Mason Jar”- Smallpools

3. “Fire Escape”- Half Moon Run

4. “Love Natural”- Crystal Fighters

5. “Get Me Golden”- Terraplane Sun

6. “Gimme Shelter”- The Rolling Stones

7. “Mountain Sound”- Of Monsters and Men

8. “Float”- Pacific Air

9. “Colour Fade”- Funeral Suits

10. “D-D-Dance”- The Royal Concept

Recent Songs

1. “Back on Me”- Electric Guest

2. “Atlas”- COIN

3. “Team”- Lorde

4. “I Know”- The Kickdrums

5. “Golden Veins”- Two Door Cinema Club

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