Noah’s Nifty Top Fifteen: Week 2

Noah’s Nifty Top Fifteen: Week 2

This article was written by senior Noah Matthews. It is the second edition of his bi-weekly musical column. Enjoy!

Oldies but Goodies

1. “Step”- Vampire Weekend

2. “Leave It Up To Me”- The Mowgli’s

3. “Little Numbers”- BOY

4. “Flashbacks”- Ram Di Ram

5. “Miss You”- Foster the People

6. “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”- Florence + The Machine

7. “Settle”- Two Door Cinema Club

8. “Error 404 (Original Mix)”- Martin Garrix

9. “Twist and Shout”- The Beatles

10. “The Look”- Metronomy

Recent Songs

1. “Skin to Bone”- The Jungle Giants

2. “Schoolboy”- Grouplove

3. “The Mute”- Radical Face–tiA

4. “Battle Cry”- Double Kings

5. “Campfire”- Satellite Stories

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