Captain Brian and First Mate Danny’s StewardSHIP

This article was written by Stewardship Council members Brian Pulawski and Daniel Sanders. 

Ahoy Mateys! Welcome aboard our fine vessel! This column will be sending you frequent messages in bottles as to our council’s affairs.

Lately we have been discussing bringing in more nationally recognized organizations to our school. We have recommended such organizations as the National Honor Society and D.E.C.A. If any of you are interested in these organizations, or have other ideas, feel free to let one of your representatives know for we can implement them into our school. We have also chosen the date for our spectacular and awe-inspiring winter-themed dance, the Winter Formal. The dance will be on January 11.

The winds are picking up and we must leave this fine port, but we will return again soon with the tides to bring you news as to our current seafaring adventures. As always, if you have any suggestions or concerns that you wish to express feel free to find one of our intelligent crewmembers or your Captain and First Mate.


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