How Not To Prepare For a Marathon

How Not To Prepare For a Marathon

After a negative marathon experience, sophomore Sam Klarquist has a few suggestions!

First thing you have to do is not run for two weeks before you do the marathon. Whatever shape you were in will have deteriorated in that time, but it’s close enough to make you think you still can run easily. Don’t wear any warm clothes when you go out: run in shorts and a shirt, and don’t pack a jacket. Remember not to use the bathroom before you run, and remember to drink a few glasses of water because it really makes you want to get to the finish. Nothing makes you want to finish more than knowing you can hold it in for so long. They have port-o-potties that you can use, but remember not to think you can wait a few minutes, and wait because sometimes it’s two miles to the next one.

The only nice thing is that after the race you get a shiny silver blanket, which will protect you from the wind. That doesn’t matter for the first few minutes, but after you have to remember not to wear clothes that would make you shiver for an hour. Now you might be wondering why you are shivering. It is because you and your parents of course don’t have to set up a meet up. The best idea for both of you is to look on opposite sides of the finish line for each other. After the race, blisters are going to cover your feet and your going to walk around sorely. In reality you should plan to have comfy slippers and get into bed to sleep. What you shouldn’t do is plan an activity where you’ll be awake miserably for hours like I did. I have done this and I hope you follow what I have told you to do.

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