Lady Blazers vs. Clinton Prairie Recap: 11/22

Lady Blazers vs. Clinton Prairie Recap: 11/22

The University Trailblazers traveled to Frankfurt, Indiana on November 22nd to take on the Clinton Prairie Gophers.  The Gophers proved to be a difficult opponent, starting off very strong and never letting their foot off of the gas.  After putting up 12 points in the 1st quarter, they added another twelve in the 2nd to make the half time score 24-6 in the Gophers’ favor. The Blazers doubled their score in the 3rd quarter, making it 38-12.  Another tough quarter for the Trailblazers, they finished the game at 49-14.

Senior leader Ellie Klemsz tallied 4 field goals for 8 points in the loss to the Gophers. Freshman Honor Cosby hit both of her free throws, continuing her perfect season from behind the line. Senior Elizabeth Orians and junior Elizabeth Berry added two points each. It was a hard loss for the Lady Trailblazers, but they will learn from their mistakes and continue to utilize their strengths in the games to come.


*Photo Credit to Benjamin Klemsz for JScottPhotography*

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