Academic Teammate of the Week: Monica Chavan

Academic Teammate of the Week: Monica Chavan

Monica Chavan is a junior here at University. Aside from being a fierce competitor on the Varsity Academic Team, she also plays soccer and tennis. During the off-season Monica plays in University’s Pep Band and enjoys supporting UHS basketball. Monica is not the only Chavan at our school – her brother Neil also attends University.

1. How long have you been a part of Academic Team?
I’ve been on Academic Team for two years, since I started as a freshman at University.

2. What is your favorite part about being on the Academic Team?
My favorite part of Academic Team is the variety of questions that we’re asked. It’s interesting to see who knows what and it’s fun to race each other on the really easy questions.

3. What made you want to join the Academic Team?
I was on my middle school Academic Team and I enjoyed it a lot, so that’s what caused me to want to join University’s Academic Team.

4. What is your favorite question category?
I really like the questions that ask us to combine two different types of facts. For example, we had a question once that asked about the Periodic Table and Chess moves, so it was fun combining the two knowledge bases to come up with the correct answer.

The super easy questions are fun too because sometimes people make hilarious mistakes. One time we were asked what the 9th letter of the alphabet was and someone said, “J! I’m positive it’s J!” (It’s I).

5. Favorite pre-match snack?

6.How does it feel to be taking down opponents while having your brother, Neil, on your team?
When we play other schools, Neil and I are usually on different teams. After matches we like to compare results because we often answer the same questions.

In practice sometimes we’re on the same team and we get excited when we win.

7. Favorite Academic Team Memory?
One time I was off campus for January Term and I called in to practice and answered questions over the phone. It was an interesting experience hearing Mr. Bradley’s jokes without being able to see his face…

Playing on the Brain Game has also been a very cool experience. The film studio is fascinating and the crew is very nice to all the participants.

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