Trailblazer of the Month: Samuel Rudd

Trailblazer of the Month: Samuel Rudd

On June 14th, 1998, Samuel “Thrasher” Rudd emerged into the world from the dark abyss.  From that day on, Samuel was destined to be one thing and one thing only, a Trailblazer.  Despite his brief time as a Trailblazer, he has certainly made his presence.  Samuel is a regular attendee of all sporting events, and a varsity Soccer player.  Because of his passion and exuberance for all things Trailblazer, we have decided to give him the first ever Trailblazer of the Month Award.  I had the honor to sit down with Samuel and ask him a few questions, and here is what he had to say:

Why do you go to so many games?

“I go to so many games because I want to cheer our teams to victory!”

What do you enjoy about the games?

“I enjoy when Sam Forkin drains the trey balls on everyone.”

What is your favorite University team to watch?  Why?

“My favorite University teams to watch are Boys and Girls Basketball because Ellie Klemsz is baller.”

 What does it mean to you to be a Blazer?

“A Blazer is an individual who supports the team through good times and bad times.  Being a Blazer means helping your team strive for greatness and helping Anthony Murdock become the next Kobe… Because he balls like Kobe.”

Support our athletics and  cheer your heart out, and maybe YOU could be the next recipient of the Trailblazer of the Month Award.

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