Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

This creative piece was written by sophomore Olivia Gardner. 

Aspiration, Inspiration, Truth.

There have been many things throughout the course of history, heart breaking

things, the

things of nightmares filled with agony and despair.

What a culture we have, for we kill and pillage and rape. What sights haunt

our dreams,

burned into our histories and the backs of our eyes so that whenever we try

to escape

into dreamland it appears, the disturbing twist of a dark message, commensurable to our


I remember a story, one that is unbelievably common.

A room is seemingly dark, but to the inhabitant the shadows are ever slowly


towards them, because they are trapped. Lost. They are no mental case,

they are only

without guidance. They can remember words said, like every child does,

that pierce

through them and rip apart every good dream, every inspirational thought.

Certain words in the mental dictionary are lost, words like hope, inspiration,


encouragement. Support.

Who knows when this story starts? It could begin with the first cold glance,

the first hand

hard across a cheek, or the mockery of an idea. It could be fighting, or

absence, silence

or cruelty, or the horrible falseness of lies.

Who knows when the last lingering hope dies for those who tiptoe around

their true

potential or the things in the dark? Who knows the course of a story before it is given the

chance to begin?

Or what of a story of survival, perseverance?

To rewrite a million lifetimes of sadness and pain, and use the history

books to acknowledge our past and protect our futures, who are the beings

that will push back against the darkness and break through the walls of our

once inherent misfortunes.

How are we to know what we can become if we are broken, unbelieving,

and hiding behind our shadows?

And who are we to become if we are to accept our predestined misfortune?

What is our label if we step back from our ambitions and fears, and cower

in the face of our adversity, in whichever form it may come in?

I wish to see a story that fights back against the image of the shadows

creeping across an already darkened room, fights against stereotypes,

hypocrisies, and cold glances.

It is up to us to find the sunrise in an everlasting night time, and drag our

stories out of the pitch black darkness.

“The tide is very much in our court now.” -Kevin Keegan

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