Audrey Geipel: Cake Boss

Audrey Geipel: Cake Boss

This piece was written by freshman Sydney Tomlinson.

Indiana’s own DC Cupcakes-style baking sister duo? Freshman Audrey Geipel hopes so. I sat down with Audrey to get the scoop on her delectable baking blog The Batter Thickens. She created  the site in the fall of 2012 with her older sister Molly. The Batter Thickens boasts nearly 30,000 gross views, and has been featured on sites such as Foodgawker, tableFEAST, and even the Cooking Channel’s blog. As stated on the website, “The Batter Thickens is the joint project of two sisters separated by age and location but always connected by their shared love of baking and all things sweet.”

To start, could you just briefly explain what your blog is about?

The Batter Thickens is a blog with pictures and entries about various baked goods that me and my older sister make.”

So is it all baking?

“Yes, all strictly baking.”

Why did you decide to start your blog?

“Both of us had an interest in baking and then she went off to college, so we both kind of decided to create it, and then we were able to stay connected while she was off at college. And it was just a fun idea because we both like writing and baking.”

So do you hope to pursue baking as a career, or is your sister doing that?

“That has been kind of my dream, however unrealistic it is, to open a bakery. That is also her ideal, if not her first choice.”

What is your favorite recipe you’ve posted on your blog?

“Really hard question… My favorite is probably Root Beer Float Cupcakes.”

That sounds delicious. Do you have any advice for people that don’t have any baking experience? For example, if I wanted to attempt to make your Root Beer Float Cupcakes even though I’ve only made cupcakes out of a box.

“Just follow the directions exactly. And let your butter get to room temperature.”

Has having your blog impacted or helped you outside of baking?

“Yeah! It’s been good to help develop a writing style and voice, and practice writing other than just essays for school. It’s also just a creative outlet that’s fun.”

And finally, do you have any advice for anyone who might want to start a blog of their own?

“Just do it, I think. It might take a while to get attention or anything, but if you just do it, it could eventually take off.”

Check out Audrey’s blog here:

Including her favorite Root Beer Float Cupcakes:

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