Senior Art Show

Senior Art Show

On May 29th, the AP art students displayed their work from the year in the Senior Art Show. As Carolyn Todd said during morning meeting, “this is the senior night for the art students.” Many different types of art were displayed including paintings, drawings, mixed media, 3D works, and photographs. Below are the names of students whose art was displayed as well as a favorite piece and a quote from each of them.

Elizabeth Orians
“For me, art is a method of creativity. It allows me to step away from my formulaic pattern of life and show a deeper meaning than a list of facts and figures. I have no set favorite medium to express my artistic vision through, but watercolor allows for a more fluid process because nothing is permanent until its dry. So while other mediums, acrylic or charcoal, are set when you put them on the canvas, watercolor can always be altered with a little bit of water.” Below is a piece that Elizabeth created of butterflies and their scientific names.

Alex Naremore
Since Alex is interested in film, his concentration was centered around film stills. Many of his photographs have a central focus on light and movement. Below is an image that Alex took.

Carolyn Todd
“My goal was to capture interior stills and expose the spaces that are not visible to the public eye. While exposing these scenes I came across the idea of presence vs. absence: the presence of the clothes and the absence of the people.” Below is a photograph that Carolyn took as part of her concentration.

Bailey Priest
“I look at alleyways to be a significant amount of unoccupied space that is juxtaposed with the populated areas these alleys lie in…while all images are similar in composition, each of them is vastly different from one another when you further explore the images. I tried to capture many different areas such as urban, industrial, or a more natural setting.” Below is a photograph that Bailey took in Seattle, Washington.

Lillian Egloff
“Art has played a large part in my life primarily as a creative outlet and [as] a means to relax. Watercolor is my favorite traditional medium because it’s so easy to work with and clean up, but I also spend a large amount of time drawing digitally outside of school. In general, art has been both a hobby and an area of study for me for many years, and I plan on continuing it in college on at least some level. Although I’m not sure whether I want to land a job in an art-related field in the future, I’m definitely considering the idea.” Below is a digital piece that Lillian created.

Lauren Marks-Strauss
“My pieces surround the concept of unveiling the mask of superficiality, so I tried to depict that idea further by contrasting 2D abstract design with portions that are more realistic. The idea behind my art is to portray a hidden emotion and the thoughts behind the mask. My art is really important to me because I really enjoy the process of creating something personal.” Below is a painting that Lauren did with acrylic paint.

Ann Duffield
“Art is one of the best means of self-expression, which is part of the reason it’s so important to me. I like all kinds of studio art, but one of my favorite mediums to work with is paint. I think it’s much brighter and more engaging and expressive than other mediums, and I like that you can get such a concentrated color.” Below is a piece that Ann completed with watercolors.

Annie Chen
“To quote the words of Macklemore: ‘Ten thousand hours felt like ten thousand hands. Ten thousand hands, they carry me.’ I enjoy the process of creating, and it has been a very long and colorful journey.” Below is a dress that Annie created from hot glue and found natural materials.
After Eating the Forbidden Fruit

Lydia Schweitzer
“I love art because it is the universal language of creativity. It not only helps to understand the minds of others, but the mind of myself. It will always be a part of my life and University has helped develop that passion.” Below is a piece that Lydia completed for her AP concentration.
Mr. Bradley

Amelia Eskenazi
“In my last three years at University, photography has helped me understand the world around me and the complexity of a single image. I have taken five photography classes at UHS including the independent study that I did this semester over portraiture and photographs. I look forward to spending more time in the art room as a senior next year.” Below is a photograph that Amelia took of a subject in a bathtub of milk.

Randi Nahmias
“At the beginning of the year, I did not expect to be this interested in art as a whole. Through all of my hard work and dedication, I was able to fully understand how much artists do and how important they are to the world. I want to thank the art program at University for helping me getting a better grasp on this idea and helping me reach the spot I am in today.” Below is an image that Randi took as part of her concentration.

The feature image was created by Ann Duffield. To see the entire piece, head over to the Fairbanks lobby. 

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