C 7 Times in Row

C 7 Times in Row

This piece was written by freshman Patrick Naremore. 


In the days leading up to fear and despair that is finals, University High School students prepared to test their knowledge. They studied last night in hopes of passing these treacherous finals. Local sources have reported that during a particularly hard freshman biology final, one unfortunate student has given up after circling C for the 7th time in a row. Figuring that, “Hey, I mean, I gotta get one of them right, and everyone knows that when in doubt, pick C” this poor freshman continued to circle C. When other nearby test-takers were asked, they reported to witness this pitiful Trailblazer frantically circling away. “It really is a pity, you would think he would start choosing another choice, but no,” said a local student who asked to remain anonymous. Referring to his situation as “hopeless”, this young student claimed for the third time to nearby friends how he “******” that test. Similar reports came from the local biology teacher, proclaiming how his situation was also “hopeless” and “that unfortunate child had no idea what he was doing.”

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Image Source: https://www.woofound.com/blog/posts/rethinking-the-standardized-test-as-a-predictor-of-college-success

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