Tips From UHS Graduates

Tips From UHS Graduates

This article was written by junior Maddie Hoover. 

As the year comes to a close at UHS, the halls begin to fill with restless students, final projects, and anticipation. Every student is trying to make the final push before the exciting beginning of summer break. For some, the end of the year is particularly special. Seniors must prepare to leave their life as University students forever and start a new chapter in college, an exciting and scary transition.

By now, most colleges have let out, which means that many alumni have been visiting UHS in its final weeks. As veterans of higher education, these alums can provide important and useful information to the soon-to-be-graduates. I asked University alumni for important and helpful tips for seniors preparing to start their freshman year of college. In typical University fashion, the alumni were more than happy to cooperate. Here are ten tips from University graduates:

  • “Keep your door open, and talk to a lot of people” – ’10 alumni J.D. Hoover
  • “Join clubs that meet year round. You can’t depend on your roommates to make friends because they may not share common interests with you.” – ’10 alumni Matt Ciulla
  • “Make time to be social, but know when you need to really focus on school work” – ’12 alumni Ellie Hoover
  • ”Go random for roommate. That way if you end up with a weirdo it’s not your fault.” – ’12 alumni Emily Johns
  • “Keep an open mind.” – ’13 alumni Chandler Waugh
  • “Don’t schedule morning classes if you aren’t a morning person.” – ’13 alumni Melanie Metzman
  • ”Never wear pajamas to class.” –’13 alumni Daniel Berry
  • “Introduce yourself to your teachers.” – ’12 alumni Amanda Spitzenburger
  • “College is a whole lot of fun, so don’t forget to study.” – ’11 alumni Rob Gottlieb
  • “Try to get as much sleep as possible.” – ’12 alumni Nick Ciulla

The transition into college can be scary, but it does not have to be insurmountable. The alumni from University High School are proof that any Trailblazer can be prepared to make it through their freshman year of college alive and well.

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