Summer 2K14: What To Do in Indiana

Summer 2K14: What To Do in Indiana

This article was written by sophomore Sarah Sigman.           

Looking for something to do this summer? Even if you are stuck in Indiana, there is so much more to do than frolic in a cornfield. More centrally located, the Indiana State Fair, the Eiteljorg, and the Indianapolis Zoo are relatively easy to get to. On the other hand, if you have the patience for a little road trip, the Indiana Dunes and the covered bridges are lovely sights to see at this time of year. No matter what you’re into, Indiana has something for everyone.







Indiana Dunes

The Indiana Dunes State Park consists of 3 miles of beautiful shoreline right here in Indiana. Hard to believe? I know, right? Head up to where Lake Michigan meets our state to see for yourself the historical sand dunes that have formed. Swimming is allowed as well as camping and bonfires, which could be a wonderful weekend getaway.







The Covered Bridges
Parke County is known as the “covered bridge capital of the world” and rightly so. With a total of 36 covered bridges, Parke is a beautiful sight to see in the summer months. Dating back to the 1800s, rumor has it that horses were scared to cross open bridges where they could see the rushing water, so they built the covered bridges. On an eighth grade photography field trip, our teacher took us down to Parke County to take photos of them and the nature surrounding them and even though it seemed simple, I found it beautiful. We visited three, but one stood out to me. The Brighton covered bridge (the red one) is located over a small waterfall with surrounding water mills next to the old factory across from the bridge.







Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
Founded by Harrison Eiteljorg, the museum’s purpose was to “inspire an appreciation and understanding of the art, history and cultures of the American West and the indigenous peoples of North America.” As of now, the museum exhibits work from Ansel Adams, T.C. Cannon, Andy Warhol, Allan Houser, Charles Russel, N. C. Wyeth, Georgia O’Keefe, Frederick Remmington, and Kay WalkingStick. In addition to the beautiful work inside, the building containing the art is architecturally intricate. The Eiteljorg’s location is really cool too, because it is located along the canal. It is quite easy to make a whole day around going to the museum, paddle boating on the canal, and having dinner at a nearby restaurant.









Indianapolis Zoo
No matter how old you are, the Indianapolis Zoo is always a fun trip. Whether it by seeing the pythons in the desert or the cheetahs in the plains, there is always something fun and exiting going on. The Indianapolis Zoo is split up into four main exhibits: Deserts, Forests, Oceans, and Plains. For each of these exhibits, they have around eighteen types of animals. It is very interesting to see how these animals interact with each other and to simply see how Mother Nature plays out from your own perspective. My personal favorite things to do at the zoo are seeing the dolphin show and visiting the butterfly gardens.








Indiana State Fair
There is always so much to do when the State Fair starts up. You could spend a whole day just with the food alone, but that probably won’t be the best idea the next day. The Indiana State Fair is full of games, rides, animals, small shops, tons of fried food, and even concerts at the coliseum.

As you can see, there is much to keep you busy in the summer of 2k14. Weather you grab your bathing suit for the Dunes or your camera for the covered bridges, remember to stay safe and have fun. Turn up (but not too much)! Have a great summer everyone!


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