New Student Featurette: Ben Schacht

New Student Featurette: Ben Schacht

By Sydney Tomlinson

Ben Schacht transferred to UHS this year as a junior from Hamilton Southeastern, and is already making an awesome impact on our community. You may know Ben from Foreign Films Club, which he created this year “because I really like movies and I feel that it offers a club for kids who wouldn’t normally be involved in things.”

But he is involved in many different activities around school. He has a lead role in the fall play as Ferdinand in The Tempest. Ben is happy with his role as Ferdinand, and said, “I think my character is very cute in the fact that he is just as sweet as he can be.” Ben is also a part of GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), which he didn’t participate in at his old school. When asked why he decided to join, he said, “I went because Olivia Gardner was very friendly to me when I was new and invited me to go, and I stayed because everyone there was just very nice and pleasant.”

While Ben is very involved within our school, he is also interested in fashion and will be in the fashion J-term class this year. Does he have a favorite designer? “Such a difficult question because so many people have really cool aesthetics. I would have to say Carol Christian Poell, because he is the most different and original person that is making clothes right now.” When it comes to pursuing a career in fashion, Ben hasn’t decided yet. “That’s like my dream, but everybody comes at a crossroads where you decide to do your dream or you work in an office in order to be able to eat and live.”

Something you probably don’t know about him: “I collect cassettes- they’re a cheap physical music form, which is cool. They’re like $5 and easy for small bands to put out so it’s a good way to be exposed to that.”

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