Athlete of the Week: Zach Duncan

Athlete of the Week: Zach Duncan

By Daniel Healey

Zach Duncan is a senior here at University. He wasn’t always a trailblazer though. We have been graced with Zach’s presence since his sophomore year. Zach is quite sporty: he is the Varsity Goalkeeper for the Boys Soccer Team and is also a part of the Varsity Boys Basketball Team. Zach has one sister, Carly, who is a freshman at our wonderful school. Zach was able to take a few minutes out of his day to answer the questions that I asked him.

1. How long have you been playing soccer? 

This is my 4th year.

2. What do you like about playing soccer? 

I like how laid back the program is. But even though it’s laid back, winning is still important.

3. Why did you start playing soccer?

 My dad suggested playing rec. soccer freshman year.

4. Favorite professional sports team? 

 Indianapolis Colts, but my favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona.

5. Favorite athlete? 

Manuel Neuer for Bayern Munich

6. Favorite soccer memory? 

Going to Spain and Italy last summer with the soccer team.

7. Favorite pump up song? 

Til I Collapse, Eminem

8. Dream job? 

Sports Medicine Physician

Photo by Hannah Norman

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