Emily Gardner’s Playlist

Emily Gardner’s Playlist

By Emily Gardner

This playlists consists of 15 songs that will be stuck in your head. They are beats that you can bob your head and bounce to in your seat (at least I hope I’m not the only one who does this). I leave you with a list of 15 terrific tunes that I truly hope you’ll enjoy:

(songs listed: song // artist)

1. Schizophrenia // Jukebox the Ghost


Jukebox the Ghost has to be one of my favorite bands. This is some of the catchiest music I have ever listened to. It’s fun, fresh, and upbeat. Plus this music video is super cool.

2. Patient Patient // Morning Benders


This song is super clever, super rhymey, and super cool. The entire song is a pun. Unfortunately, Morning Benders is now Pop Ect. and their new songs are kinda – eh.

3. Barnacle Goose // Born Ruffians


This song – I swear. There is no intro, just pure gold of catchiness (this is a trend). If you only listen to 3 songs on this list, make this one of them.

4. Bed Sores // Fireworks


Watch the music video! This is a rock song with some pop/alternative mixed in. The music video really makes it work I’m telling you.

5. High Society // Bear Hands


It’s kinda techy, kinda not. Bear Hands (another punny title) has unique vocals. They aren’t good singers, and they don’t sing, but somehow this loud talking to noise makes quality music.

6. Heart to Tell // The Love Language


The Love Language has a cool sound that most resembles a bunch of old music (50’s-80’s) blended together and set to modern lyrics. It works.

7. She’s my Baby // Jaill


This is an old school rock song but SO MUCH COOLER. Jaill has a distinctive sound with a modern twist on old tunes. Listen and you’ll see.

8. King of the Beach // Wavves


If you haven’t heard of Wavves, listen right now. Drop everything. Clap along.

9. I Could Never // Marching Band


Mega catchy, just, mega. The beat makes the song, and you’ll never forget the lyrics –you’ll see why!

10. Captain Love // Mock Orange


The above song shouldn’t work. Everything is off. But it does, very well.

11. Cannibal Queen // Miniature Tigers


Don’t get scared off by the title! It’s a good song! Miniature Tigers makes music for many tastes, but this one intrigues me the most. Something about cannibals just makes a song complete. Don’t quote me on that.

12. The Caravan Cabaret // Skybox


Skybox is an extremely weird band. They’re hardly heard of, but they’re a gem. Listen to the lyrics. They’re…uh…unique?

13. The Frown Song // Ben Folds


Ben Folds is a musical God. While his music might sound random and simply “for the hell of it”, the lyrics have a meaning behind them that most people won’t understand at first listen. It’s abstract, but you can find things. Rock on.

14. Old Ash // Maps and Atlases


This song is most nearly “echoey”. It has an interesting beat that changes throughout the song. The beat is slower, yet the words get stuck in your head just the same.

15. The Popular Thing // Jukebox the Ghost


Here’s another song by Jukebox the Ghost, but possibly even catchier. Their vocals are really exaggerated, and they say every word with a bit of flare. This song is an excellent example of that.

Thank Hollywood and the Alternative Music industry for the odd music videos.

Photo by Emily Gardner

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