Senior Advice

Senior Advice

These quotes were collected by Lizzie Berry.

The Class of 2015 has finished 81.25% of their high school career. With this experience under their belts, it’s only fair that they impart some of their wisdom to the younger classes. Here are some of the University High School seniors giving their best, most thought-out advice to the up and coming Trailblazers.

“Be kind, flush the toilet.”

unnamed-3– Daniel Healey

“Eat your vegetables.”

– Isaac Mervis

“Keep a box of corn pops in your locker.”

– Emma Troughton

“Fall in love with someone who treats you like Kanye treats Kanye.”

– JBreezy (Jordan) Bray

“Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.”

– Melissa Kraft419843_2865286750107_712163843_n

“You do you.”

– Randyl Nahmias

“Floss daily.”

– Isaac Mervis

“Be honest with yourself (I know for a fact Isaac Mervis doesn’t floss).”

– Naomi Farahan

“Do not be afraid to talk to the teachers. Coming from a public middle school, the thought of actually talking to my teachers face to face was very intimidating. I was used to teachers only wanting to keep everything beyond professional and who didn’t care about me.  The teachers here truly care about all of their students and only wish for us to succeed. I found that my grades were able to significantly increase once I started talking to my teachers, too.  They’re all pretty chill people. They love it when students show that they are interestIMG_0595ed and that they care.”

– Jackie Adams

“Pretend like you don’t speak English. People won’t bother you.”

– Paola Buttini

“Stop feeling guilty about using Sparknotes everyone is using Sparknotes if they say they don’t they’re lying.”

– Naomi Farahan

“Wash behind your ears.”

– Isaac Mervis

“Don’t overexert yourself during fall of your Senior year. Remember that you’re going to have to keep up with schoolwork, extracurriculars, AND college applications. You’ll be a lot happier and more sane if you take it easy on yourself at least a little bit!”

– Katreen Boustani408074_2869498469744_1541337781_n

“Don’t procrastinate.”

– Jada Franklin

“Never do a whole job when a half a job will do.”

– Moriah Atlas

“Don’t do drugs.”

-Fazolis (Faisal)

“Don’t listen to Faisal.”

– Sam Barwick

unnamed-1“Don’t wait until you are an upperclassman to get more involved in your school community. Instead, get involved and be open to helping make your school a better place.”

– Tyler Diehl

“Try not to cry in public spaces.”

– Maddie Hoover

“Don’t be afraid to go out to lunch with Chuck. He talks a lot, but it’s always meaningful. You’ll be able to reflect in an insightful manner, and you get a free lunch. It’s a win-win.”

400569_2822764901512_364644412_n– Lizzie Berry

“Don’t be a racist.”

– Mackenzie Waugh

“Join lots of clubs, so you have stuff to put on your resume.”

– Izzy Tikijian

“Think on your feet.”

– Spencer Phillips

“Use your time wisely, and don’t wait until the day before to study for a test.”

– Isabel Murphy

“Learn Norwegian.”

– Anja Djupensland

399052_10150842438142449_430158301_n“With sports, know what you’re getting into. And don’t be stupid.”

– Jennie O’Keefe

“Don’t bring up any political or social issues; it’s not worth arguing with your fellow classmates.”

– TJ Pettinga

“Use [your] time wisely. Time management will play a big part in your whole high school career, so, if you figure it out now, it should be easy the rest of the years.”

– Kaitlin Todd

“Have a snack during morning meeting.’

– Ben Lahr

“Ask a parent’s permission before logging on to”

– Betsy Duck165929_421406757893535_2128542443_n

“Find something that you are passionate about whether that is a club, topic, or activity. High school is much more fun when you spend it with people who have similar interests.”

– Amelia Eskenazi

“I used to believe that the only goal of high school was to get to college. Looking back, I fear I was so focused on the next step that I forgot to enjoy the present. You are only in high school once, so be sure to actually live it.”

– Anonymous

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