Concession Stand Battle: Guerin Catholic vs. Heritage Christian

Concession Stand Battle: Guerin Catholic vs. Heritage Christian

By Daniel Healey

What’s the first thing you think of when you are going to a sporting event? It’s the concession stand, right? Well, maybe that isn’t exactly true. The sport is more important, but concession stands should definitely be top five on anyone’s list. This past week I have had the opportunity to try out two different concession stands while watching the Girls and Boys Soccer Sectionals games. I am writing this article not just to talk about food, but to maybe convince you to visit a venue if our Trailblazers ever find themselves competing away from our school.

Guerin Catholic

I walked into Guerin’s soccer stadium with a mission. I wanted food, and I wanted it now. The concession stand venue was pretty stereotypical for an outdoor concession stand. Just your usual storage shed that has a hole cut into it as the serving window and painted purple to match school colors. I was impressed with Guerin’s menu, but the problem was their availability of their product. They had a simple menu. They served hot dogs, pretzel with cheese, and Chick-fil-A sandwiches. The conflict here is that they were only selling hot dogs for the game. I’m assuming they sell all three for the football games. I wasn’t a happy camper. I settled for the hot dog, which I wasn’t looking forward to at first, until I realized something. These weren’t just ordinary hot dogs. They came from Joe’s Butcher Shop in downtown Carmel. Let me just say that I was impressed with the dog. The flavors were superb, and it was cooked to perfection. Props to whoever warmed up the dog (some random parent volunteer). This hot dog ended up costing $3, which is pretty pricy for a concession dog, but it was worth it for the brand. Guerin also had the usual fare. The soda, Powerade, chips, and candy. Chips and candy ranged from 50 cents to a dollar. The beverages were $2, which is on the pricier side, but hey, do whatcha gotta do. I ended up going with the blue Powerade Zero, which was the right choice to pair with my hot dog. It was chilled at just the right temperature. Overall, I was happy with what I chose at Guerin’s concession stand. On the pricier side, yes, but well worth it. The con of this stand is the availability. They need all their food to be available for any sporting event. If you ever find yourself at Guerin, be sure to check out one of their hot dogs. They won’t disappoint.


Hot Dog                      $3

Powerade Zero          $2


Total                           $5


Heritage Christian

The Heritage Christian concession stand had its ups and downs when I gave it a visit during the Girls Soccer Sectional last Thursday evening. My first impression of the stand was amazing. They had a very large concession stand area. I think there was even a heater in there, wow. From first looks the menu was tremendous. They had food ranging from hot dogs and popcorn to pulled pork sandwich. From the get-go, they beat Guerin when it comes to menu variety. On my first visit to the stand, I decided to get the walking taco and a Diet Dr. Pepper. The walking taco was a very low $2.50 and the soda was $1.50. The walking taco was extremely good. If you don’t know what a walking taco is, it is a bowl of Fritos with cheese and meat on top. Most stands usually use regular Fritos, but Heritage used scoop sizes, which was a very good idea. The cheese was the standard nacho cheese, which I was happy with. The meat seemed to have too many beans, but I could deal with it. My first visit wasn’t enough; I needed to go back for some more chow. After a few minutes of deciding what I wanted, I went with the pretzel with cheese. This cost me a rousing $2. This pretzel was Heritage’s downfall. The top of the pretzel was burnt! This was an immediate turn off for me. For the sake of this article I continued to eat the edible parts, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend getting the pretzel after this experience. Of course, Heritage had the normal fare of chips and candy. It was indeed cheaper than Guerin’s candy. Overall, I was impressed with this concession stand. They had low prices and many different options. It wasn’t on the official menu, but they had hot apple cider that drew many cold customers in. If I ever find myself around Heritage Christian again I will make another trip to this concession stand, and so should you.


Walking Taco                         $2.50

Diet Dr. Pepper                     $1.50

Hot Dog w/ Cheese               $2.00


Total                                       $6.00



Both concession stands had a notable shining star. Guerin had outstanding hot dogs; Heritage Christian had a wide variety of options. Heritage prices were incredibly cheap and I feel like I got more bang for my buck. Without a doubt, I can say that Heritage Christian wins this concession stand battle vs. Guerin.

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