Diverse Thinking

Diverse Thinking

By Marcelius Lewis

One of the most important things for a child’s development is to be educated in a diverse environment. Children educated in diverse environments are exposed [to different viewpoints] and are better able to produce new and innovative ideas. They are also better prepared to function in the real world outside of school.

Children weren’t always given the opportunity to be educated in diverse environments. Around 1954 many schools in the United States were segregated. Brown v. Board of Education was filed against the Topeka, Kansas school board. Oliver Brown was the plaintiff.

Some might say that a child doesn’t have to be educated in a diverse environment to gain experience with diversity. This is true to an extent, but just a general experience in diverse settings such as playing sports does not help to create new and innovative ideas.

There has to be Cognitive diversity, such as problem solving and working together. Identity diversity can be found in other settings such as sports teams, and other clubs. But simply being around people of different socials status, race, and class is not as productive. Cognitive diversity can mainly be found in schools, which is the type of diversity needed to make a difference.

When it comes to creating new and innovative ideas, input from a multiple number of different perspectives is key. A group of kids who all come from the same background will quickly become stagnant in their thought process, because of recycling and repetition of ideas.


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