Profile on Praseeda Govindadas

Profile on Praseeda Govindadas

By Betsy Duck

High school is by no means easy. There are exams, clubs, peer pressure, homework, and college applications, to name a few.

In addition to these stresses, students are figuring out how they study best.

Research has shown that most high school students have very different styles of learning and studying. While some students may learn visually, using pictures and flashcards to study, others could be auditory learners, using music and sound to memorize their material. There are five other learning styles from which students can learn (kinesthetic, verbal, logical, and social being the others). The sheer diversity in styles of learning may be confusing to a young teenage student. Finding your own personal study method is most definitely a difficult task.

Luckily, UHS students have Praseeda Govindadas, who is willing to help with the learning process.

After her husband’s job transfer from Illinois, Govindadas was left without a job. However, her daughter Rhea was about to begin her junior year at University High School, which just so happened to have a job opening in Learning Support Services. Govindadas applied for the job. She was hired, and began working at UHS in fall of 2013.

On her first day, Govindadas was anxious and unsure of what the job entailed. Yet as she enters her second year in Learning Support Services, Govindadas is able to look back on her first year at UHS with pride and experience.

Her job has gotten easier. “I knew what I was prepared for, and I was looking forward to meeting the new kids” Govindadas states, “[The transition] was a lot easier and interesting.”

While working at the same school as your children could be rather awkward, for Govindadas, her job has actually assisted in her relationship with her daughter. “I do feel much closer to her now as I know most of her friends and I can relate to her a lot better since we are in the same school. [I] have a better perspective on things.”

In addition to having a better perspective on her relationship with her daughter, Govindadas’s perspective on teaching has changed as well. Before working in Learning Support Services, Govindadas was a teacher at a public school in Naperville, IL, teaching mostly elementary and middle school children. “[Public school] is a very stark contrast from University,” Govindadas recounts. “The environment here is very supportive and everyone is so helpful. I have really built relationships with students here in a way I never had the opportunity to do in larger schools.”

Teaching wasn’t always in Govindadas’s master plan. Govindadas spent her childhood in New Dehli, India. As a child, she wanted to be a lawyer, however, she felt that “the Indian legal system [was] very bureaucratic and complicated”, so she decided to pursue education instead. “I’ve always wanted to help people…so I felt that education would be a better field to explore my interests in.”

Govindadas received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from a private catholic college in India and later came to the U.S. to receive her Master’s in Education from The University of Memphis. “Many people ask me if coming to the U.S. was a culture shock, [but] it is actually very similar to the environment I grew up in.” Govindadas’s father was a pilot, so she was no stranger to different cultures. “I feel as if my travel experiences prepared me to come to the US to continue my education.”

Yet even after her worldwide travels, it was her husband’s job transfer that led her to University High School. Govindadas has found a job she truly loves. “Working in learning support has been a great experience for me as a teacher. The one thing I’ve really noticed about University is that everyone seems to care, from the students to the administration everyone is dedicated to what they do.”

Govindadas has helped the students at UHS, and the school has helped her right back.

“I always envied people who said they love their jobs, but after coming here I truly understand what it means to leave at the end of the day and be excited to come back tomorrow.”

Photo taken by Hannah Norman 

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