Project Runway: University Edition

Project Runway: University Edition

By Ariana Katz

As the semester is winding down and many classes are coming to a close, the students in the fashion class are rushing to finish their final project of the year. “A fashion class?” one might ask, “Is that even a class?”

Well, let’s begin with saying yes, it is a class. A class that twelve girls, including myself, were daring enough to take. We began the semester excitedly awaiting the outcomes of pushing some thread and fabric through a machine. However, as the class went on, we began to learn that it was not simply pushing fabric through a machine- construction can be hard, hard work. We started off learning how to simply wrap thread around a bobbin, and have made huge progress, all the way to finishing off the year with a groovy new skirt (Hoping to be able to wear them in the end!). A skirt, however, is not the only thing these students have learned to create. We began the year making whale pincushions- cute and convenient. Then we moved to printed towels and tote bags, because you have to have something stylish to hold all of your fabric! By the end of the semester we’ve turned to more difficult projects, and put our skills to the final test by constructing a shirt and skirt.

IMG_3670  IMG_3663  IMG_3666

While one would think the fashion class is be all about the garments, one of the most important parts of the process is drawing. Throughout the semester we have focused on body-scale and how it has been tweaked over time, creating different appearances of a sketch from the fashion perspective. Through the great number of figure and gesture drawings we have completed this year, I am glad to say they have improved greatly.

While this is only a quick summary of the overall fashion class experience, I hope it gives you all an idea of who to be looking for on the billboards and runways in upcoming years. The fashion class has not only taught us how to construct garments and sketch something resembling a human body figure, but also been able to give a number of students an exciting taste of a passion they were daring enough to try.

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